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Samfans is a list for anyone who is interested in the Samoyed. A forum for the exchange of general information about the breed, advise, rescue, training, health, conformation, obedience, agility, mushing, weight pull, packing and any other Samoyed activity.


Samjam is a group with one thing in common - our beloved Samoyed dogs. You can ask questions about the breed or tell stories about your own dogs, basically anything Samoyed.


Intended for thr International Samoyed community to use to discuss breed issues with the aim of strengthening and promoting Samoyeds globally. Appropriate content will be anything breed related - from health/genetic issues, Standards, to show/Working/Performance topics and beyond.


This list is primarily for breeders and exhibitors of Samoyeds in Australia and New Zealand or for breeders who have an interest in whats happening with the breed in Australia and New Zealand.

There are lots of other very good Samoyed email chat lists that can be found on eGroups.